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Criminal Law QLD

In Queensland, there are 2 types of criminal offences ,simple offences (or summary offences). These include disorderly behaviour, traffic offences and minor criminal offences.Crimes and misdemeanours (or indictable offences). These include murder, rape, robbery, assault, and break and enter.

The criminal justice system is designed to protect members of the community and their property. It is also designed to deal appropriately with people who do not obey the law. The main role of the criminal justice system is to determine whether a person’s actions or behavior form a criminal offence.

The criminal justice system is divided into three separate sections. These include the investigative process, which involves investigations by State or Federal Police ; the adjudicative process, where a case is taken before the courts to be heard and a penalty is imposed; and the correctional stage, where an offender completes a term of community service or serves his or her sentence in prison or some other correctional system.

This section of the website contains some of the many legal articles covering all manner of criminal offences, 'white collar' offences and traffic offences in QLD. Other offences that are not listed in this section can be discussed with your criminal lawyer.

In Queensland, the majority of criminal laws have been codified in the Criminal Code (1899). The Criminal Code covers a range of offences relating to violence, sex offences, property, fraud, arson, corruption, breaches of the peace and others. It also contains procedural rules and practices.

Further offences are contained in other pieces of legislation, for example, the Weapons Act, Drugs Misuse Act, Traffic Act, Bail Act, Criminal Proceeds Confiscations Act and the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act.

In addition, a great number of other legislative enactments create criminal offences for specific offences or serious breaches of statutory duties. Some examples are listed below;

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